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Community Gardens and Rooftop Farms. Have You Heard of Them?

These green oases in the midst of concrete jungles are not just scenic escapes, but play a key role in the future of food production.

The Rise of Remote Work: How to Lead a Successful Virtual Team?

The field of work has undergone a huge shift in recent years and people have started to work more from home.

Food Trends: What's Hot Right Now?

In the ever-evolving world of gastronomy, it is important for restaurants and businesses to move forward and adapt to current gastronomic trends.

Think green

In our company, we pay attention to the environment and current ecological trends. We do not take a responsible approach towards this topic simply because it is a trendy thing to do. We pay attention to environmental issues because we care about the environment we live in, and we do everything we can to not only maintain it, but also improve it.

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