Good staff - basis for success

You have beautiful spaces, a fantastic menu of dishes, new lighting, modern bedding, the most comfortable beds or chairs, but your business still does not prosper as much as you would like. The real problem may lie elsewhere. For successful operation in the HORECA segment, it’s crucial to have a properly trained staff.

Acquire and do not lose

We know that it is often more expensive to hire a new employee than to keep one for good. The restaurant industry in particular is characterized by a high percentage of fluctuations.

The right choice

First of all, it is about the selection of the employee. It's not so much a question of whether they have experience or not, it's more about predispositions. The receptionist or waiter should be communicative, kind, able to respond promptly to the requests of both the customer and the manager. The employee can compensate for his lack of expertise with a desire to learn.

Schooling and training

It has long been the case that a waiter or receptionist does just what they learned at the hotel academy. It should be a smooth continuation of education, not a short training for colleagues. Make work manuals, procedures or hotel standards available to your employees. Regular employee retraining is also an essential part of this.

Workers in this sector should master the principles of hygiene, operating rules, rules and techniques of operating guests. They should know the social rules, the principles of dining and serving food and drink. Various trainings and courses of your employees will also teach proper verbal and non-verbal communication.  It is important to teach them how to handle stressful situations, to deal with demanding customers, so that they do not take an objection or complaint personally. They should also be able to evaluate complaints and know the tactics of how to prevent them. In the course, they can develop a communication capability that increases sales - so-called "upselling". It can increase your turnover by up to 15%-30%.

Back and forth communication

Communicate with your employee, ask them for an opinion, explain, consult any needs and problems, simply, pay attention to them.

Motivation as a tool for maintaining quality staff

The main motivation, of course, is the financial appraisal. However, we also have a few other tips for you:

  • Tips should be fairly divided along the whole staff.
  • Ask your employees about workshop possibilities..
  • Organize employee of the month competition
  • A birthday gratulation can always make a day.
  • Positive feedback is priceless

If an employee has working conditions and has the right professional training, they can treat the customers in a way their approach allows them to return profit to the restaurant, hotel or other establishment.

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