Why should your company look for interns?

Finding a student, graduate and enthusiast for your area of ​​business in one person is not always easy. How to search for them, find and motivate them so that you have a full member of your team?

How to find an intern?

Internship positions are published on some specialized portals, where you simply register as a company, fill in the internship description and the agency will find a suitable candidate for you. The ball, of course, can also be on your side and so you post an advertisement on the job portal or you are looking for candidates all by yourself. Today, the social network is also a great communication channel, so definitely do not hesitate to contact potential trainees with your offer. You must sufficiently specify the internship not only professionally, but also in terms of time.

What is the intern attracted to?

The answer to this question is, of course, individual. However, the biggest attraction is usually the amount of salary and whether it is a job that the employee enjoys and that offers him new knowledge and skills. Several studies also show that work flexibility and work-life balance are important factors in satisfaction.

How to work with the intern?

Plan the whole process well. From where and with whom the intern will sit, up to who will mentor the intern of your choice. Write down the tasks and agree with the other colleagues on assignments your intern will be in charge of. Offer to guide through the company - not only physically, but also through your company values, vision and what the company wants to achieve. If the intern understands your goals, better work will be achieved for both parties. During the internship, don't forget to encourage them to share their views. Let them know that you are interested in their point of view.

What does your company gain?

As a rule, interns have up-to-date knowledge of the sector and, together with their proactive attitude, they can be a source of creative ideas. By accepting an intern, you will get:

  • a person who will perform tasks for which others currently do not have time or capacity, thus reducing the workload of other employees,
  • a colleague with new ideas, fresh insights and modern solutions,
  • the opportunity to train the employee precisely for your needs,
  • a quality employee who knows the processes and is perfectly experienced,
  • a student together with valuable skills and abilities this person has,
  • proposals that would cost you several times more money in the agencies,
  • the ability to find out who has management potential if you are considering promoting one of your employees (mentors),
  • you may gain a huge competitive advantage over other companies.

How long does an internship last?

Internships usually last at least two weeks to several months. It is up to you whether you offer the intern a fixed or flexible working time. However, your cooperation can change at any time to a job with long-term cooperation.

Remember, this step serves as your advertisement as well. By employing an intern, you build the awareness and reputation of your company. If interns are satisfied, they will share a positive experience with their surroundings. As a result, you may receive more job applications and other internships.

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